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2016 Honda Boxing Week Event

Now is your chance to SPIN TO WIN up to $5000 on all remaining 2016’s from December 27-31!
Take advantage of this boxing week event at Southland Honda in Winkler!

Call (204) 325-7899 or 1-877-2HONDA2 to book your appointment today!

Chuck: Bout time!

Greg: Good Morning

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good evening

Chuck: Welcome to we’re two Honda guys in a

Greg: HRV

Chuck: Kind of a hatchback, all wheel drive, it’s very nice

Greg: Hey, big news

Greg: Thank you, big news. Boxing week sale

Chuck: Yes

Greg: Save up to $5000

Chuck: Is that like wrestling week

Greg: Listen up! Save up to $5000 on all remaining 2016 Hondas with our spin and win program

Chuck: $5000?

Greg: Up to 5 grand this week only

Chuck: $5000! Five Thousand dollars!

Greg: Five Thousand dollar

Chuck: That’s a lot of yelt

Greg: That’s got cashment dollars

Chuck: So, ya, call us up, make an appointment

Greg: 204-325-7899, that number again 204-325-7899

Chuck: What if they’re away?

Greg: Call toll free 1-877-2HONDA2 that’s 1-877-2HONDA2

Greg: Call for your appointment, see what we got left, this is the time of year to pick up the deals on the last 2016’s.

Greg: We’ll get out of the car, to answer the phones

Chuck: Absolutely

Greg: Or you can email us

Chuck: Yes




Chuck: No, don’t email him

Greg: I respond well to emails, anyways, this is the time of year. From the 26-31, spin and win. Spin to win, you will win

Chuck: Right, happy wrestling day

Greg: Happy wrestling and we look forward to seeing you,, 18772honda2

Chuck: Two Honda guys

Greg: Between two trees

Chuck: In a HRV




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