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The Two Honda Guys And A Civic Sale

Two Honda Guys roll up your rim and show you five hundred reasons to get a new Honda Civic!

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: Good afternoon and good evening

Greg: And hello Marven

Chuck: Hi Marven, hi bud

Greg: We’re Two Honda Guys

Marven: In front of a Honda Civic!

Greg: A new Honda Civic

Chuck: Can you get a close-up of that Heather?

Heather: Nope

Chuck: Ya you can, step closer. It is the annual Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win event

Greg: Wait a minute, Roll Up The Rim, you got to roll the R’s if you want to do that properly, Roll Up The Rim, but more importantly

Chuck: There’s a program

Greg: A 5 day Valentine’s Day sale on Honda Civics, yes that’s right you heard it here first, 5 days, get your Valentine a new civic because there’s 500 reasons to say “I do”

Chuck: You need a lot more than that, it’s a 5 day promotion

Greg: It’s here for 5 days

Chuck: Where there’s an additional $500 on Civics 2017, in stock Civics over and above the programs already in place.

Greg: It blew you away didn’t it.

Greg: What did you have for breakfast

Chuck: For details, come on down to Southland Honda or visit us at or email us or call us, we’ll invite you in

Greg: Or Roll Up your own Rim

Chuck: And you could win a free one, in which case an extra $500 secondary, child’s play, chump change

Greg: Civic sale

Chuck: Right here

Greg: February 14- February 18

Chuck: Right here

Greg: Right here, right now

Chuck: At we have been Two Honda Guys

Greg: With a new Civic

Chuck: In front of the Honda Civic


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