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Two Honda Guys Bring Home a Honda

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: And good evening

Chuck: Welcome to

Greg: Hey, speak up over there

Chuck: They can hear me fine

Camera guy: You’re kinda mumbed, must be your jammies

Greg: Looking like a mufflin

Chuck: That’s what I’m looking like

Greg: Hey its bring home a Honda event

Chuck: Anyways we got new P.O.P today

Greg: Bring home a Honda event.

Greg: I can hardly see you over there anymore

Chuck: Oh lucky for you, anyways it’s the bring home a Honda event

Greg: Hey Bring home a Honda, what kind of Honda should they bring home

Chuck: Well a new one would work, or a used one

Greg: We have those too

Chuck: Or a snow blower one. I bet you, you would sell him a side by side one

Camera guy: You and the animals?

Chuck: You’re funny

Greg: Come and take your picture with this here POP material

Chuck: We dare ya

Greg: And we’re going to give away some more tickets to the local theatre

Camera guy: ooo

Greg: And fame and fortune

Camera guy: ooo

Chuck: Local tickets to the, what?

Greg: The theatre where they watch movies

Chuck: Oh, the cinema

Camera Guy: Ya, the theatre
Chuck: That’s not really the theatre

Camera guy: ooo aren’t we being snobby

Greg: Thanks for visiting we invite you to come on down and take your picture with us

Chuck: It’s the take home a Honda event

Greg: Bring home a Honda, quick

Camera guy: You got 3 hands

Chuck: hahaha

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