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You Wanna Go To Vegas?

The Two Honda Guys Tell You How To Get Away To Vegas
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: And welcome to southlandhonda.com, we are Two Honda Guys on either side of a Vegas poster Greg: We’re all going to Vegas, we’re all going to Vegas Chuck: You can go to Vegas, I’m not going to Vegas but I’ll send a few people to Vegas Greg: Hey, How do you go to Vegas Chuck: I’m not going to Vegas Greg: How do you get to go Chuck: Oh, Oh, I don’t get to go Greg: Chuck doesn’t get to go Chuck: Somebody gets to go, many people get to go Greg: All you got to do Chuck: Buy a new or used car here at Southland Honda during the month of January and we’re giving you Greg: drum roll Chuck: A Vegas trip, so what does it all include Greg: Hay Chuck: It includes some hay, apparently and a pail full of oats, [...]
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