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2016 Honda Civic Touring Walk Around

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: And welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys next to the

Greg: 2016 Honda Civic Touring


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Chuck: And we’re doing a mini walk around, just showing you some of the features that maybe you don’t know exist on our new civic

Greg: I don’t do anything mini

Chuck: No you don’t, except mini donuts and I’m guessing that’s by the truck load


Chuck: Blind spot information, when you make a right hand lane change, this little camera here activates

Greg: Chuck knows lots about things that are mini

Chuck: Are you still talking?

Chuck: It shows you where your blind spot is. Right in your dashboard, if you can get a shot of that Merle right there on that flat screen, that will show you what’s in your blind spot. So in rush hour traffic, on 32 hwy before the 4 lane opens up at the Fast Gas, you’ll know exactly where you’re heading

Chuck: Keyless FOB entry

Greg: I like the chrome door handles, because I think they look sharp

Chuck: They do at that, that’s how you lock it, that’s how you unlock it

Merle: Can you do the Vanna hands again?

Chuck: That’s where you lock it, that’s where you unlock it

Merle: Very nice

Greg: $250 can buy an “A”

Chuck: No, vowels went up

Greg: How much are vowels now?

Chuck: They got to be a grand

Merle: You can get good financing on them now

Chuck: Good financing on vowels this week only

Greg: Special sale, low rate financing

Chuck: Absolutely, consonants come for free

Merle: What?

Chuck: Consonants, never mind

Merle: I thought you said something else, sorry

Chuck: Big enough to hold a hockey bag

Greg: You could throw Chuck in there too
Chuck: Me you could, you will need to do the Ridgeline next week… HA!

Chuck: Insulated, quiet ride. Harshness noise and vibration. All this could be yours if the price is right.

Chuck: Ease of access,

Greg: Even for us mini guys, we can easily get in there

Chuck: Leg room, easy.

Chuck: Shark fin is indicative of XM radio, also get 3 month’s worth of free XM radio

Merle: You have a face for radio.

Chuck: I have a face for radio. All the way to the front

Greg: Hey look an engine

Chuck: It’s a 2L engine

Greg: What size?

Chuck: 2L

Greg: That’s a 1.5L engine with a turbo, turbo, turbo

Chuck: My mistake, 1.5L in line for the turbo

Greg: It’s got a turbo

Chuck: Don’t expect to win Indianapolis, but you might come in second

Greg: Second place is fine, pays well

Chuck: And awesome fuel economy, when you’re travelling at 105-110 this little four sips fuel and I’m here to tell you

Greg: Cause he’s driving one

Chuck: I am, I’m very fortunate. Watch your fingers!

Greg: So we would love to tell you more about the Honda Civic and the Civic Touring’s and the Civic EX and LX and the Hatchbacks and the Coops in person

Chuck: And tell you all about your opportunity to finance. Merle, what are the rates on civics?

Merle: Low

Greg: Low rates

Chuck: Low. Lease and finance.

Greg: They’re mini
Chuck: If you’re already in a lease and finance, we have loyalty rates for you.

Greg: Oh that’s right too

Chuck: So drop in past the dealership and talk to one of the guys here and we’ll share the information with Merle, Merle can give you all the advice so you have payments that don’t break you just going into Christmas

Chuck: In the meantime, thank you for visiting, we’ve been Two Guys showing you the 2016 Honda Civic Touring

Click here to view our 2016 Honda Civic Inventory


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