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Two Honda Guys in a 2017 Honda Civic Touring

2017 Honda Civic Touring

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good evening

Chuck: Welcome to we are Two Honda Guys

Greg: In a brand new Civic

Chuck: Brand new Civic

Greg: This is the Touring

Chuck: A 2017 Honda Civic Touring

Greg: Have you driven a Honda Civic lately?

Chuck: It’s not your dads old Accord

Greg: Not even that, it’s not that ’76 Civic that you drove to high school with either

Chuck: They make Civics in ’76?

Greg: Yes and ’88 as well, it’s not that one either

Chuck: They made 88 Civics in ’76 so there you go

Greg: He can’t figure stuff out

Chuck: There’s the math

Greg: It’s not computing anymore, clutch is slipping

Chuck: Anyway, how many years, 19?

Greg: 19 consecutive years’ number one selling car in Canada

Chuck: This is getting to be an old habit, we just keep telling you that every year we make a new video and add 1, this is the 1

Greg: Easy math for him

Chuck: 19

Chuck: It’s a 2017 Honda Civic Touring, I’m very fortunate to drive one as a demonstrator

Greg: Yes, he is fortunate

Chuck: Has bells and whistles abound

Greg: Not really bells and there’s no whistles

Chuck: There’s plenty of them, you should hear all the whistles I get when I drive by

Greg: Haha

Chuck: Nicely played

Greg: Nice touch around the net, we would like to show you a new Civic too, maybe you should come by and see one

Chuck: And drive one

Greg: Or drive one

Chuck: Because driving is believing

Greg: Yes, zoom zoom

Chuck: Is that what is was

Greg: Yes, come see the new 2017 Honda Civic Touring we’d like to show it to you there’s some excellent programs in place and we can do that, so with good selection. We are Two Honda Guys

Chuck: In a 2017 Honda Civic Touring



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