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Two Honda guys in a 2017 Honda CRV Touring

2017 Honda CRV Walk Through

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: And good morning

Chuck: And welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys

Greg: In a brand new 2017 Honda CRV

Chuck: With a panoramic sunroof, look at that panoramic sunroof

Greg: let’s open it up,

Chuck: It is

Greg: Well I mean let’s close it up

Chuck: It’s going to get dark, that’s far enough

Greg: I’ll open it then

Chuck: So, we’re sitting in the all new and fully redesigned 2017 Honda CRV which is wider and is longer and is quieter and features a new engine

Greg: 1.5L Turbo, tell em’ what he’s won Jonny

Chuck: He’s won, well if you really want to win 110kph speeding ticket it really takes you a really short amount of time to get there apparently

Greg: Ya, you have to be careful kinda between 100-120 kilometers an hour because when you put your foot into it

Chuck: It’s gone

Greg: She really wants to move

Chuck: It’s a slingshot

Greg: She wants to move you

Chuck: So, we’re in here, we’re sitting on our heated seats and Bill, our camera man is also sitting on a heated seat

Greg: Here I’ll turn your heated seat on, there you’re on 3

Chuck: Because the rear has heated seats, so, not heated rears, heated seats

Greg: Right in the rear

Chuck: Ya, and of course it has an all new navigation system which is Garmond based software, so it’s Chuck proof. Like, I can do this, I can use this it’s really cool. No really I can

Chuck: It is equipped with Apple car play, which is a big deal now since I finally got a phone that works and you guys can find something else to bug me about

Greg: Chuck can use apple products now

Chuck: Look at me go

Greg: It’s amazing

Chuck: I’m embracing technology

Greg: Doesn’t have a clue

Chuck: I’m way over my head, way over my head

Chuck: It has everything that you liked about the previous 2017 Honda CRV and more, so come on down to Southland Honda

Greg: There’s lots of things way over his head

Chuck: Ya, he’s funny as heck hey

Greg: haha

Chuck: There’s lots in here that we could play with but rather than doing it on a video which could take umpteen minutes, come down and spend 10 with us and we’ll show you what we’re all talking about

Greg: I’ll show you the heating steering wheel, I like it, I like it a lot

Chuck: He likes it, thanks for visiting




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