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Two Honda Guys New Car Dealership Website

Greg: (it was a double bounce…)

Chuck: oh haha welcome to the new

We’re Two Honda Guys… in front of a Honda, Between 2 Honda’s in the middle of Honda.

We’re here to tell you about our new Car Dealership Website!

Greg: Tell them about it!

Chuck: Well, its a website. It’s brand-new… it’s click, click –

Greg: It works really good on your mobile device, on your laptop device, on your desktop device and all devices.

Chuck: All de vices…

Greg: Which kind of vices do you have?

Chuck: I have Vice-Grips! I have a bench vice!

Greg: Used to be a heavy metal song about Vices…

Chuck: sure… absolutely…

…so if you click on any of these said devices…

Greg: …you can be signed up to receive all the latest and greatest offers that only happen to
our online customers!

Chuck: so they we are

Greg: Wouldn’t that be cool?

Chuck: You can also see of the latest and greatest of the Two Honda Guys.

Greg: They are exciting and riveting

Chuck: yes and there’s never one that’s the same as the next

Greg: …neither are they dull

Chuck: hardly ever.

Greg: Sometimes we were the same shirts.


Chuck: Click on the site check the videos, view the used cars and truck inventory product and also videos that have been taken of the used cars we have for sale, so yeah… thanks!

Chuck: In the meantime, thanks for visiting

Chuck: have yourself a wonderful labor day weekend we’ll see you next time

Greg: Two Honda Guys between… Two Hondas…


[Go Bombers!]

Two Honda Guys announce their New Car Dealership Website

Two Honda Guys announce their New Car Dealership Website!

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