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Two Honda Guys And A Pile Of Snow Blowers

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: And good evening

Chuck: Welcome, we are two Honda guys

Greg: With a pile of snow blowers

Honda Snow Blowers

Chuck: Between two blowers

Greg: There’s more than two

Chuck: Well there’s a bunch of them. We’re not going to say the “W” word, but I can certainly assure you that it’s coming

Greg: His math isn’t very good this morning

Chuck: So these one’s just arrived

Greg: Snow blowers

Chuck: A yearly supply of Honda snow blowers. These are the best snow blowers on the market and ya, I’m blowing my own horn because I own one

Greg: *beep beep* insert sound effect here

Chuck: It’s cost me a “pin” and a lightbulb

Greg: What has

Chuck: That’s what my 17 year old snow blower has costed me and it has moved more snow than you weigh (that’s a lot of snow)

Greg: That’s not a lot of snow


Greg: You’re so kind

Chuck: So they’re hydrostatic drive, they are power shooted. They have the ability to do this. So if you got a gravel driveway and you don’t want it to throw stones through your blower you can tilt it up and you won’t make it bottom out. On the other hand, if you have a concrete driveway with a quick flick of ones thumb, now I’m taking it right down to concrete.
Greg: Quick flick of ones thumb? Say that 10 times fast

Chuck: Flick your thumb fast, flick your thumb fast, flick your thumb fast. That’s all you have to do. If I want to move these deals around. Very difficult to move until I take and grab this

Greg: Squeeze
Chuck: And now they move very easy

Camera Guy: Why?

Chuck: Why? Well what I’m doing is I’m disengaging the hydrostatic transmission

Greg: If you have to move it into your garage without starting it it’s sure nice to be able to move it

Chuck: Exactly, this is the last blower you’re going to buy. Yup they’re more expensive than anything out there. Three times more?

Greg: At least double

Chuck: At least 10 times the blower

Greg: So we’re available right now at Southland Honda in Winkler, where you get value now and value later

Chuck: These are on sale by the way, limited time
Greg: Bargain

Chuck: Yup

Greg: So thanks for visiting

Chuck: We have been two guys from Honda

Greg: With a one big schnetzche

Chuck: Ya, and a bunch of blowers

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