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The Two Honda Guys Play Santa


Chuck: Good morning

Greg: Good evening

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good day

Chuck: Welcome to Southland Honda, oh we’re supposed to stay here

Greg: We’re here to surprise Jeanette Giesbrecht with a gift card and a Christmas card for winning

Chuck: That was the hashtag

Greg: #yoursouthlandhonda

Chuck: That one

Greg: Ya, she entered, she won, so we’re going to give her a gift

Chuck: 7 million dollars

Greg: 16 million

Chuck: Oh 16, interest

Greg: Canadian dollars

Chuck: Oh ok really that’s a buck and a half US, ok lets go

Chuck: Be very very quiet

Greg: Shhh, babies are sleeping

Chuck: There she is

Greg: Hi Janette, we’re here to see you

Greg: Good evening, good night, that’s how it works, we have a gift card for you

Jeanette: Thank you

Camera Guy: Nice bow tie by the way, nice bow tie

Greg: She’s being very festive

Chuck: Very festive, you stole that from the Grinch and that you stole from me

Greg: Where did you get Chuck’s slippers

Jeanette: This is what nurses wear now a days

Chuck: That’s comforting

Camera Guy: Does Harv know you’re wearing his stuff?

Jeanette: Shhh

Chuck: Anyways, you won this from the hashtag

Jeanette: Oh did I really

Chuck:Yes, #yoursouthlandhonda

Greg: Ya standing ovation

Chuck: Standing ovation, everybody, hey let’s do the wave

Jeanette: I had to buy a CRV first

Chuck: 16 million dollars, Canadian

Greg: Canadian tire

Jeanette: Oh my goodness well thank you, I get to go to the movies. Well thanks, wow,

Greg: Jen’s going to the movies

Jeanette: I’m going to the movies, in my

Camera Guy: Does Harv like going to the movies

Jeanette: He does, he went this week. He didn’t take me, he went to go see some Star Wars movie

Greg: So, she’s got her prize

Chuck: So, congratulations Jen

Jeanette: Thank you, Southland Honda

Chuck: What a great Christmas present right?

Jeanette: Yes, very good

Greg: So, you’ll find us on your video screen tab and the whole world will watch it

Jeanette: I should have known that when he comes along it’s going to be

Chuck: Usually Merle spells trouble

Greg: Hey Willies here

Greg: Now the gangs all here, so with that, thanks for visiting

Chuck: Merry Christmas
Greg: We’re Two Honda Guys

Chuck: With Janette

Greg: With Janette

Janette: Merry Christmas



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