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Two Honda Guys and a Row of Trucks

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good evening

Chuck: And good morning, we are two Southland Honda guys

Greg: We’re two Honda Guys with a row of trucks


Chuck: A row of trucks. What’s the date?

Greg: Today is October and we’ve got trucks, trucks for sale, trucks for sale

Chuck: My point is it’s a rather nice afternoon so we decided to do the two guys video outside

Greg: Outdoors

Chuck: It’s gorgeous

Greg: Why didn’t you bring your golf clubs?

Chuck: Have you seen me golf?

Greg: That’s why you didn’t bring them

Chuck: That’s why

Greg: We want to tell you about some used trucks

Chuck: We got some used trucks. As you are already aware of from

our previous videos, we have a new Ridgeline, hence we have Ridgeline trades. This one just in as is that 2012

Greg: This is a 13

Chuck: That’s a 13 not a 12

Greg: This is a 12 and that’s a 13

Chuck: They are both Tourings, yes?

Greg: Yes and they’re both Ridgelines

Chuck: And they’re both our trucks, we sold them, we serviced them, you should buy them. We’ve also got some domestics

Greg: You can’t buy them both, one at a time

Chuck: Pshh they can buy them both if they want don’t stop people from buying pshh

Greg: One at a time’s fine

Chuck: We have something a little bit older, an 07 that’s got what? 120k ?

Greg: Low mileage

Chuck: So very low mileage especially for an 07

Greg: This is black, a black GMC can you read that

Chuck: If my memory serves it’s 14 but I’m not don’t quote me on that

Greg: He’s got a memory he says

Chuck: Well there’s a lot of trucks you cant remember every one

Greg: Here’s a white one, we got a white truck

Dodge Ram 2014

Chuck: Yes and yes it does have a Hemi! You should come pick it up

Greg: It’s got a hemi, and deer whistles no charge for the deer whistles

Chuck: I’m particularly fond of this one right at the end because it means that the videos almost over haha

Greg: Hey another white and another black one

Chuck: Why do we have all these trucks? Because people want them and it looks really impressive in front of a Honda dealership

Car squeals

Greg: I think that guy’s dad is still buying his tires

Chuck: Sweet ride haha

Greg: Hey thanks for visiting Southland

Chuck: We have then and continue to be….HEY that’s a nice car. It’s a Honda civic

Greg: She honked at us

Chuck: Yes, she honked at me

Greg: Yes she did honk at you

Greg & Chuck: Two Honda guys with a row of trucks

Chuck: Thanks for visiting see you next time

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