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The Two Honda Guys Talk Generators

Honda Generators Winkler

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good evening

Chuck: Welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys,

Greg: And good day

Chuck: With some Gennies

Greg: Gennies?

Chuck: Winter is officially here, well, a while ago

Greg: Is that on Forest Gump, he had Jenny too

Chuck: Now we’re going into the season where ice storms can happen, we can have power lose

Greg: Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to 8675

Chuck: Who sings that? Let them

Greg: Tommy two tone

Chuck: We’re going into the season where emergencies can arise and you may need alternative power sources, not to be confused with alternative facts

Greg: Call Jenny

Chuck: The economy series is an EG 6500 gives you all kinds of energy, all kinds of wattage

Greg: 8675 309

Chuck: But it is a bare bones, it’s just going to roar at 3600rpms until such time it runs out of fuel or you turn it off

Chuck: You want something that’s going to operate a little more quietly, you can go to the what we call premium series. This features the wheel kit, and wheelbarrow style moving around a lot easier it’s got a lift kit if you so if you want to put it on a bucket and lift it up to the second story. It also has an idle feature that not only will make it less noisy in operation mode, it will make it a lot more efficient in terms of fuel.

Chuck: If you’re into heavy duty construction, then you can go to the big dog, this is a 10000 watt EB 10000 it’s electric start fully contained. This is what you need and bang for the buck, this is the best value that we got.

Greg: Power!

Chuck: Because you got 10000 watts, you can run a house on this thing

Chuck: This way here, we go to a little more refined

Greg: Gennie

Chuck: When you look at the inverter series, starting at the 7000watt again, nice and quiet and fuel efficient operation. You can charge your iPods, you can charge your laptops and your smartphones

Greg: Inverter

Chuck: Without damaging any of the circuitry within. We have them in 7000, 3000, 2000 and 1000. The 2000’s

Greg: Look at those sizes, bigger, smaller, bigger smaller

Chuck: Bigger, smaller, a little smaller

Greg: It’s like Sesame street around here today

Chuck: The 2000’s you can pair up so you got two suitcase models that join up to make 4000watts. What are we saying? We are your stop. If you have an emergency on hand, we’ve got it if you’re going camping we’ve got it, if you’re in construction, we’ve got it

Chuck: So thanks for visiting, we have been Two Honda Guys

Greg: With a whole pile of generators


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