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You Wanna Go To Vegas?

The Two Honda Guys Tell You How To Get Away To Vegas

Greg: Good morning

Chuck: Good afternoon

Greg: Good evening

Chuck: And welcome to, we are Two Honda Guys on either side of a Vegas poster

Greg: We’re all going to Vegas, we’re all going to Vegas

Chuck: You can go to Vegas, I’m not going to Vegas but I’ll send a few people to Vegas

Greg: Hey, How do you go to Vegas

Chuck: I’m not going to Vegas

Greg: How do you get to go

Chuck: Oh, Oh, I don’t get to go

Greg: Chuck doesn’t get to go

Chuck: Somebody gets to go, many people get to go

Greg: All you got to do

Chuck: Buy a new or used car here at Southland Honda during the month of January and we’re giving you

Greg: drum roll

Chuck: A Vegas trip, so what does it all include

Greg: Hay

Chuck: It includes some hay, apparently and a pail full of oats, because you’re taking a horse there

Greg: Ya and 3 fresh carrots, washed

Chuck: Good, hang those out in front so the horse keeps going

Greg: We’re going to give away 3 night accommodation in Vegas, there’s no taxes, there’s no fees there’s no, anything you have to pay at the hotel. You just give them this voucher and you’re in, you just got to pay to get yourself there

Chuck: Right, so they could drive there

Greg: You could drive there in their new car

Chuck: On a vacation with a new vehicle, they could fly there should they want to

Greg: Yup

Chuck: Ok, so cool

Greg: Take a train

Chuck: So, you’re going to Vegas, I’m not going to Vegas. There was a band that was called, I’m not going to Vegas

Greg: Not going to Vegas

Chuck: Seriously, and they would come out after the first set like, “Good Evening, we’re not going to Vegas”

Greg: Haha

Chuck: I thought it was pretty funny

Greg: It is funny

Chuck: Any how

Greg: You’re the drummer?

Chuck: No, I was an avid listener

Greg: That’s right, he was not the drummer, he was the accordion player. Thanks for visiting, we want you to go to Vegas

Chuck: We are two Honda Guys

Greg: With one poster

Chuck: With a poster

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