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civic sale

The Two Honda Guys And A Civic Sale

Two Honda Guys roll up your rim and show you five hundred reasons to get a new Honda Civic!
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon and good evening Greg: And hello Marven Chuck: Hi Marven, hi bud Greg: We’re Two Honda Guys Marven: In front of a Honda Civic! Greg: A new Honda Civic Chuck: Can you get a close-up of that Heather? Heather: Nope Chuck: Ya you can, step closer. It is the annual Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win event Greg: Wait a minute, Roll Up The Rim, you got to roll the R’s if you want to do that properly, Roll Up The Rim, but more importantly Chuck: There’s a program Greg: A 5 day Valentine’s Day sale on Honda Civics, yes that’s right you heard it here first, 5 days, get your Valentine a new civic because there’s 500 reasons to say “I do” Chuck: You need a lot more than that, it’s a 5 day promotion Greg: It’s here for 5 days Chuck: Where there’s an [...]
Generators winkler

The Two Honda Guys Talk Generators

Honda Generators Winkler
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: Welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys, Greg: And good day Chuck: With some Gennies Greg: Gennies? Chuck: Winter is officially here, well, a while ago Greg: Is that on Forest Gump, he had Jenny too Chuck: Now we’re going into the season where ice storms can happen, we can have power lose Greg: Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to 8675 Chuck: Who sings that? Let them Greg: Tommy two tone Chuck: We’re going into the season where emergencies can arise and you may need alternative power sources, not to be confused with alternative facts Greg: Call Jenny Chuck: The economy series is an EG 6500 gives you all kinds of energy, all kinds of wattage Greg: 8675 309 Chuck: But it is a bare bones, it’s just going to roar at 3600rpms until such time it runs out of fuel or you [...]
2017 Honda Civic Touring
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: Welcome to we are Two Honda Guys Greg: In a brand new Civic Chuck: Brand new Civic Greg: This is the Touring Chuck: A 2017 Honda Civic Touring Greg: Have you driven a Honda Civic lately? Chuck: It’s not your dads old Accord Greg: Not even that, it’s not that ’76 Civic that you drove to high school with either Chuck: They make Civics in ’76? Greg: Yes and ’88 as well, it’s not that one either Chuck: They made 88 Civics in ’76 so there you go Greg: He can’t figure stuff out Chuck: There’s the math Greg: It’s not computing anymore, clutch is slipping Chuck: Anyway, how many years, 19? Greg: 19 consecutive years’ number one selling car in Canada Chuck: This is getting to be an old habit, we just keep telling you that every year we make a new [...]
2017 Honda CRV

Two Honda guys in a 2017 Honda CRV Touring

2017 Honda CRV Walk Through
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: And good morning Chuck: And welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys Greg: In a brand new 2017 Honda CRV Chuck: With a panoramic sunroof, look at that panoramic sunroof Greg: let’s open it up, Chuck: It is Greg: Well I mean let’s close it up Chuck: It’s going to get dark, that’s far enough Greg: I’ll open it then Chuck: So, we’re sitting in the all new and fully redesigned 2017 Honda CRV which is wider and is longer and is quieter and features a new engine Greg: 1.5L Turbo, tell em’ what he’s won Jonny Chuck: He’s won, well if you really want to win 110kph speeding ticket it really takes you a really short amount of time to get there apparently Greg: Ya, you have to be careful kinda between 100-120 kilometers an hour because when you put your foot into it Chuck: It’s gone Greg: She [...]

You Wanna Go To Vegas?

The Two Honda Guys Tell You How To Get Away To Vegas
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: And welcome to, we are Two Honda Guys on either side of a Vegas poster Greg: We’re all going to Vegas, we’re all going to Vegas Chuck: You can go to Vegas, I’m not going to Vegas but I’ll send a few people to Vegas Greg: Hey, How do you go to Vegas Chuck: I’m not going to Vegas Greg: How do you get to go Chuck: Oh, Oh, I don’t get to go Greg: Chuck doesn’t get to go Chuck: Somebody gets to go, many people get to go Greg: All you got to do Chuck: Buy a new or used car here at Southland Honda during the month of January and we’re giving you Greg: drum roll Chuck: A Vegas trip, so what does it all include Greg: Hay Chuck: It includes some hay, apparently and a pail full of oats, [...]

The Two Honda Guys Play Santa

Chuck: Good morning Greg: Good evening Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good day Chuck: Welcome to Southland Honda, oh we’re supposed to stay here Greg: We’re here to surprise Jeanette Giesbrecht with a gift card and a Christmas card for winning Chuck: That was the hashtag Greg: #yoursouthlandhonda Chuck: That one Greg: Ya, she entered, she won, so we’re going to give her a gift Chuck: 7 million dollars Greg: 16 million Chuck: Oh 16, interest Greg: Canadian dollars Chuck: Oh ok really that’s a buck and a half US, ok lets go Chuck: Be very very quiet Greg: Shhh, babies are sleeping Chuck: There she is Greg: Hi Janette, we’re here to see you Greg: Good evening, good night, that’s how it works, we have a gift card for you Jeanette: Thank you Camera Guy: Nice bow tie by the way, nice bow tie Greg: She’s being very festive Chuck: Very festive, you stole [...]
2016 Honda Boxing Week Event
Now is your chance to SPIN TO WIN up to $5000 on all remaining 2016’s from December 27-31! Take advantage of this boxing week event at Southland Honda in Winkler! Call (204) 325-7899 or 1-877-2HONDA2 to book your appointment today! Chuck: Bout time! Greg: Good Morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: Welcome to we’re two Honda guys in a Greg: HRV Chuck: Kind of a hatchback, all wheel drive, it’s very nice Greg: Hey, big news Greg: Thank you, big news. Boxing week sale Chuck: Yes Greg: Save up to $5000 Chuck: Is that like wrestling week Greg: Listen up! Save up to $5000 on all remaining 2016 Hondas with our spin and win program Chuck: $5000? Greg: Up to 5 grand this week only Chuck: $5000! Five Thousand dollars! Greg: Five Thousand dollar Chuck: That’s a lot of yelt Greg: That’s got cashment dollars Chuck: So, ya, call us up, [...]
Honda Snow Blower
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: And good evening Chuck: Welcome to, were Two Honda Guys Greg: With snow blowers Chuck: In the showroom with snow blowers Chuck: You may have looked out your window the other day and said, “I can’t see very far out my window”. The reason for that was Greg: The snow Chuck: Ya, a lot of it. We had our first real blizzard this week Greg: And it wasn’t at Dairy Queen Chuck: Gee I wonder how that came up Greg: Every time, every time, you poke me and it’s like Pillsbury Dough Boy, watch this Chuck: hoo hoo Greg: One more time Chuck: hoo hoo Chuck: Three times Greg: I love that Chuck: So, we have sold a ton of snow blowers this week, Greg: We still have a few left though Chuck: We have a couple of used ones over yonder, this one’s sold so don’t even look [...]
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: And good evening Chuck: Welcome to Greg: Hey, speak up over there Chuck: They can hear me fine Camera guy: You’re kinda mumbed, must be your jammies Greg: Looking like a mufflin Chuck: That’s what I’m looking like Greg: Hey its bring home a Honda event Chuck: Anyways we got new P.O.P today Greg: Bring home a Honda event. Greg: I can hardly see you over there anymore Chuck: Oh lucky for you, anyways it’s the bring home a Honda event Greg: Hey Bring home a Honda, what kind of Honda should they bring home Chuck: Well a new one would work, or a used one Greg: We have those too Chuck: Or a snow blower one. I bet you, you would sell him a side by side one Camera guy: You and the animals? Chuck: You’re funny Greg: Come and take your picture with this [...]
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good morning Chuck: And welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys next to the Greg: 2016 Honda Civic Touring   Click here to view our 2016 Honda Civic Inventory Chuck: And we’re doing a mini walk around, just showing you some of the features that maybe you don’t know exist on our new civic Greg: I don’t do anything mini Chuck: No you don’t, except mini donuts and I’m guessing that’s by the truck load Greg: HAHAHA Chuck: Blind spot information, when you make a right hand lane change, this little camera here activates Greg: Chuck knows lots about things that are mini Chuck: Are you still talking? Chuck: It shows you where your blind spot is. Right in your dashboard, if you can get a shot of that Merle right there on that flat screen, that will show you what’s in your blind spot. So in rush hour traffic, [...]
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