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Maintenance Schedules

Motorcycles & ATVs:

Scheduled Maintenance for ATVs

Our technicians at Southland Honda in Winkler know your Honda Motorcycle or ATV best and we are fully equipped to maintain and repair it.
Some items in the scheduled maintenance can be performed with basic mechanical skills and hand tools. Other items involve more extensive procedures and may require special training, tools, and equipment. Manitoba dirt riders and ATV enthusiasts can visit our specialists at the car dealership in Winkler to perform these precision tasks. If you decide to do your own maintenance, we can provide you with genuine Honda motorcycle and ATV parts to ensure the best safety and long-term reliability.
Honda’s recommended scheduled maintenance for ATVs and Motorcycles adds to the pleasure of ownership! A well-maintained Honda is:

  • More reliable and dependable
  • Performs the way it was designed to
  • Maintains the quality of the product
  • Adds value by ensuring long service life
  • Help retaining its resale value

The maintenance schedule is a clear and concise table which lists all regular service items and shows the time or mileage intervals for when they require maintenance. Maintaining the original performance of your Honda motorcycle or ATV in the future depends on the care you provide it right now.
The scheduled maintenance intervals are based on average riding conditions. Some items will need more frequent service if you ride in unusually wet or dusty areas, or if you often accelerate quickly and use full throttle. Southland Honda specialists can provide custom recommendations tailored to your individual use – and based on the overall seasonal demands on your Honda bike or ATV.