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Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good morning Chuck: And welcome to, we’re Two Honda Guys next to the Greg: 2016 Honda Civic Touring   Click here to view our 2016 Honda Civic Inventory Chuck: And we’re doing a mini walk around, just showing you some of the features that maybe you don’t know exist on our new civic Greg: I don’t do anything mini Chuck: No you don’t, except mini donuts and I’m guessing that’s by the truck load Greg: HAHAHA Chuck: Blind spot information, when you make a right hand lane change, this little camera here activates Greg: Chuck knows lots about things that are mini Chuck: Are you still talking? Chuck: It shows you where your blind spot is. Right in your dashboard, if you can get a shot of that Merle right there on that flat screen, that will show you what’s in your blind spot. So in rush hour traffic, [...]
Happy Friday! The Two Honda Guys talk generators and their hashtag CONTEST. Share a picture of you and your Honda in the comments on Facebook using the hashtag #yoursouthlandhonda and you could win two tickets to see a movie at Cineplex. The winner will be chosen at random on November 12, 2016. Good luck! 
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: And good evening Chuck: Welcome, we are two Honda guys Greg: With a pile of snow blowers
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: And good morning, we are two Southland Honda guys Greg: We’re two Honda Guys with a row of trucks  
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Welcome we are 2 Honda Guys… leaning on the back of a new Ridgeline… in jerseys. Not in Jersey… in Jerseys. Why is that? well because it’s the Spud and Puck sale That’s Right!! It’s the annual Spud and Puck Sale! You heard it right here folks 0 the annual Spud and Puck by the Winkler Auto Dealers! For every new or used car, truck, vans and sport utility with the purchase, finance or lease, comes with a fresh box is spuds and a 10-pack ticket to the Winkler Fliers Hockey Games That our promotion! The Winkler Auto Dealers Spud and Puck promotion. It’s on right now yes as we speak! Thanks for visiting Southland Honda, we have been – [...]
The Two Honda Guys introduce The Annual Spud and Puck Sale with the Winker Auto Dealers – and the Honda Lowest Price Guarantee on Winter Tires. Good afternoon, Good evening and Good morning! Welcome to –  we are Two Honda Guys between winter tires. Winter Tires… hate to be the harbinger of bad news… Did you know that the Honda Tire source has the lowest price guarantee on Winter Tires?  on what it takes. I didn’t know that (i’m just playing along) Well let me tell you… I’m sure you will! Honda has the lowest price guarantee on Winter Tires. There’s Bill! Hey Uncle Bill. He’s another Honda Guy… Lowest price guarantee – that’s pretty cool. Well yeah we already said that.. (and it’s time to start thinking about Winter Tires) … well then, there’s that… When does [...]
Click to watch this Honda Ridgeline Review [Video] “My name is David Goerz i’m a proud new owner of a one of the new Ridgelines. I need to tell you guys people that are watching this video that it’s quite possibly the best Honda I’ve been in, in the last 20 years. I’ve been a Honda Customer all my life, and the upgrades for the Ridgeline are fantastic. I love driving this vehicle! Do yourself a favour come and check it out!”
The Winkler Flyers @mjhlhockey are set to have their #homeopener this Saturday! Maybe we will see you there? Greg Ens Dealer Principal Southland Honda P:(204)325-7899/ C:(204)325-2917 Follow Me
We have been “demo”ing a new 2017 Honda Ridgeline – check out the fuel economy on the last tank! 29 mpg!
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