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Lowest Price Winter Tires – Spud and Puck Event!

Lowest Price Winter Tires – Spud and Puck Event!

The Two Honda Guys introduce The Annual Spud and Puck Sale with the Winker Auto Dealers – and
the Honda Lowest Price Guarantee on Winter Tires.

Good afternoon, Good evening and Good morning!
Welcome to –  we are Two Honda Guys between winter tires. Winter Tires… hate to be the harbinger of bad news…
Did you know that the Honda Tire source has the lowest price guarantee on Winter Tires?  on what it takes.

I didn’t know that (i’m just playing along)
Well let me tell you…
I’m sure you will!

Honda has the lowest price guarantee on Winter Tires.

There’s Bill! Hey Uncle Bill.
He’s another Honda Guy…

Lowest price guarantee – that’s pretty cool.
Well yeah we already said that..
(and it’s time to start thinking about Winter Tires)
… well then, there’s that…


When does it snow?

There is usually snow in or around Halloween.

Yeah. so… when do all-season tires start giving up on traction? What degrees Celsius?

7 Degrees Celsius

Winter tires. Winter is gonna happen – but – what’s happening next week?

…we having a new month… and – a big promotion and the first two weeks in October to feature our;



Annual Spud and Puck Sale!


Yes you heard it right! It’s the Spud and Puck Sale with the Winker Auto Dealers!
Purchase your new or used vehicle… lease, finance or pay cash – you too will receive a fresh box of spuds!

(somebody pull the battery)
Carry on Vesuvius!
Vesuvius – yeah, that’s gonna go over most heads…
you’re going to google it yourself…
Yeah so… you’re gonna get lots of fresh potatoes from the gardens and then the 10-pack of flyers tickets! (Go @WinklerFlyers!)
Thanks for visiting SouthlandHonda!
Call us about our lowest price guarantee on winter tires!

1 (204) 325-7899

We are two honda guys between two Winter Tires

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