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Power Outage in Pembina Valley Region

Power Outage in Pembina Valley Region

113 kilometre-an-hour winds went whipping through the Pembina Valley region last night, causing havoc!
Good afternoon, morning, good evening and good to see you thanks for coming to Southland Honda.
We are the ‘Two Honda Guys’… with a pile of generators..
…with a pile of generators.
Would you like some more generators everyone?

The Generators Are On Sale

Why we talking about generators?
Because it is Thursday… Webinars 113 kilometre-an-hour winds went whipping through the Pembina Valley region last night, causing havoc!

Trees were falling down all over the place.
So we’ve got a ton of people coming in inquiring about generators… backup power sources…
Some people are already already have power restored… some people… not so much…
We do have

  • Honda 3000 – EU3000iS for sale – 3000 watts, 120V Power for your furnace, fridge, microwave, most 13,500 BTU RV AC units, and more
  • Honda 1000 – EU1000i for sale, 1000 watts, 120V Ideal for TV, lights, fans, small power tools and more
  • Honda 10000 on sale – 10,000 watts, 120/240V, Honda commercial GX engine & heavy duty frame
    Different sizes of generators in stock, different styles of generators ready to go – and a large percentage of them are on sale for a limited time cheap mlb jerseys only.
    Chuck – Not only a limited time we have extremely limited supply.
    Greg – How come?
    Chuck – Because they keep selling!
    So Jersey it’s Your happening? It gets really windy, and then we have no power… and Manitoba Hydro says ‘there shall be no power’.
    Some people say ‘There should be power’ and they come buy a ‘Honda Power’
    Chuck – …if you will just do a wholesale jerseys China turn to your left… that’s right keep going…
    We are coming with you one more problem.

    We’re really low on Mowers eh?

    Almost out of lawn mowers. In fact, what we have is two lawn mowers left in stock.
    And, unfortunately, I’m going to be hard pressed to get anymore mowers, so I don’t cheap jerseys want you coming in looking for a generator and have this inventory…
    So, we’ll see you tomorrow buy a generator.
    so thanks for visiting… hey – it’s Duke!
    You are welcome here and once again thanks for visiting the Two Honda Guys… Jerseys with Duke!
    Have a great day!

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