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The Two Honda Guys Talk Generators

Honda Generators Winkler
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: Welcome to southlandhonda.com, we’re Two Honda Guys, Greg: And good day Chuck: With some Gennies Greg: Gennies? Chuck: Winter is officially here, well, a while ago Greg: Is that on Forest Gump, he had Jenny too Chuck: Now we’re going into the season where ice storms can happen, we can have power lose Greg: Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to 8675 Chuck: Who sings that? Let them Greg: Tommy two tone Chuck: We’re going into the season where emergencies can arise and you may need alternative power sources, not to be confused with alternative facts Greg: Call Jenny Chuck: The economy series is an EG 6500 gives you all kinds of energy, all kinds of wattage Greg: 8675 309 Chuck: But it is a bare bones, it’s just going to roar at 3600rpms until such time it runs out of fuel or you [...]
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