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Two Honda Guys Meet The Eagle Eye Printing Guy

Two Honda Guys Meet The Eagle Eye Printing Guy

Today The Two Honda Guys meet the Eagle Eye Printing Guy and tell you about the new Southland Honda website and where to go to find all the cool treats, tricks and specials that nobody else sees.

Chuck: Good afternoon
Greg: And good morning
Chuck: Welcome to southlandhonda.com. We are Two Honda Guys
Greg: At the service desk
Chuck: At the service desk
Greg: Two Honda Guys at the guys at the service desk
Chuck: Hey buddy, how you doing?
Printer Guy: Good and you guys?
Greg: Welcome here, you can be a surprise visitor
Chuck: Come on over
Greg: You never know, you can be famous
Chuck: This is our local Eagle Eye guy, printed up a batch of business cards
Chuck: Good to see ya
Greg: Welcome here, welcome to Two Honda Guys between… two trees
Printer Guy: There we go now I feel much better
Greg: Now we’re two Honda guys by the printer guy. So you want to tell everybody about our new website, southlandhonda.com
Chuck: Click here
Greg: Right there, nope a little lower, yup right there
Chuck: Ya right here. Well I’m not doing this because… no
Camera Guy: No that wouldn’t be good
Chuck: Ya click on that, like our page on Facebook share it with all your buddies and friends
Greg: Sign up for our newsletter because there you will find all the cool treats and tricks and specials that nobody else sees
Chuck: All things Southland
Camera Guy: And if you need any printing stuff done
Chuck: This guy
Printer Guy: you got the Eagle Eye,
Printer Guy: I came to see the new Ridgeline
Chuck: There it is right, behind you
Greg: Good news so we got a lot of things accomplished today
Chuck: Absolutely
Greg: Two Honda guys between one printing guy
Chuck: Yeah, and promoted Eagle Eye and sounds like we’re selling a truck today haha!
Greg: Love the way a plan comes together
Greg: Thanks for visiting southlandhonda.com we’ll see you next time


The Two Honda Guys Meet The Eagle Eye Printing Guy


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