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Honda Sale February sweetheart sale

February Newsletter

Southland Honda News, Sweetheart Sale & Civic Promo
What a weekend it was!  I suspect many of you took the opportunity to watch the Superbowl this past Sunday where the Philadelphia Eagles snuck out a victory over the favoured Brady led Patriots.   It was quite an exciting game for sure.  Also this past weekend the Viterra Curling Championships were held here in Winkler.  Over 300 volunteers led by Louis Tanguay hosted 32 teams on Wednesday morning.  These teams played down to a final game on Sunday afternoon where the Carruthers rink held on to beat the defending champion McEwen who was personally fighting the effects of the chicken pox.  It was a great event that was being broadcast live on Sportsnet.   Brad Gushue, a National Champion, was in attendance and took time to take pictures with many fans.   Good Bye Friend We do need [...]
civic sale

The Two Honda Guys And A Civic Sale

Two Honda Guys roll up your rim and show you five hundred reasons to get a new Honda Civic!
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon and good evening Greg: And hello Marven Chuck: Hi Marven, hi bud Greg: We’re Two Honda Guys Marven: In front of a Honda Civic! Greg: A new Honda Civic Chuck: Can you get a close-up of that Heather? Heather: Nope Chuck: Ya you can, step closer. It is the annual Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win event Greg: Wait a minute, Roll Up The Rim, you got to roll the R’s if you want to do that properly, Roll Up The Rim, but more importantly Chuck: There’s a program Greg: A 5 day Valentine’s Day sale on Honda Civics, yes that’s right you heard it here first, 5 days, get your Valentine a new civic because there’s 500 reasons to say “I do” Chuck: You need a lot more than that, it’s a 5 day promotion Greg: It’s here for 5 days Chuck: Where there’s an [...]
2017 Honda Civic Touring
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: Welcome to Southlandhonda.com we are Two Honda Guys Greg: In a brand new Civic Chuck: Brand new Civic Greg: This is the Touring Chuck: A 2017 Honda Civic Touring Greg: Have you driven a Honda Civic lately? Chuck: It’s not your dads old Accord Greg: Not even that, it’s not that ’76 Civic that you drove to high school with either Chuck: They make Civics in ’76? Greg: Yes and ’88 as well, it’s not that one either Chuck: They made 88 Civics in ’76 so there you go Greg: He can’t figure stuff out Chuck: There’s the math Greg: It’s not computing anymore, clutch is slipping Chuck: Anyway, how many years, 19? Greg: 19 consecutive years’ number one selling car in Canada Chuck: This is getting to be an old habit, we just keep telling you that every year we make a new [...]
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