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Honda Snow Blower
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: And good evening Chuck: Welcome to southlandhonda.com, were Two Honda Guys Greg: With snow blowers Chuck: In the showroom with snow blowers Chuck: You may have looked out your window the other day and said, “I can’t see very far out my window”. The reason for that was Greg: The snow Chuck: Ya, a lot of it. We had our first real blizzard this week Greg: And it wasn’t at Dairy Queen Chuck: Gee I wonder how that came up Greg: Every time, every time, you poke me and it’s like Pillsbury Dough Boy, watch this Chuck: hoo hoo Greg: One more time Chuck: hoo hoo Chuck: Three times Greg: I love that Chuck: So, we have sold a ton of snow blowers this week, Greg: We still have a few left though Chuck: We have a couple of used ones over yonder, this one’s sold so don’t even look [...]
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