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2017 Honda CRV

Two Honda guys in a 2017 Honda CRV Touring

2017 Honda CRV Walk Through
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: And good morning Chuck: And welcome to Southlandhonda.com, we’re Two Honda Guys Greg: In a brand new 2017 Honda CRV Chuck: With a panoramic sunroof, look at that panoramic sunroof Greg: let’s open it up, Chuck: It is Greg: Well I mean let’s close it up Chuck: It’s going to get dark, that’s far enough Greg: I’ll open it then Chuck: So, we’re sitting in the all new and fully redesigned 2017 Honda CRV which is wider and is longer and is quieter and features a new engine Greg: 1.5L Turbo, tell em’ what he’s won Jonny Chuck: He’s won, well if you really want to win 110kph speeding ticket it really takes you a really short amount of time to get there apparently Greg: Ya, you have to be careful kinda between 100-120 kilometers an hour because when you put your foot into it Chuck: It’s gone Greg: She [...]

You Wanna Go To Vegas?

The Two Honda Guys Tell You How To Get Away To Vegas
Greg: Good morning Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good evening Chuck: And welcome to southlandhonda.com, we are Two Honda Guys on either side of a Vegas poster Greg: We’re all going to Vegas, we’re all going to Vegas Chuck: You can go to Vegas, I’m not going to Vegas but I’ll send a few people to Vegas Greg: Hey, How do you go to Vegas Chuck: I’m not going to Vegas Greg: How do you get to go Chuck: Oh, Oh, I don’t get to go Greg: Chuck doesn’t get to go Chuck: Somebody gets to go, many people get to go Greg: All you got to do Chuck: Buy a new or used car here at Southland Honda during the month of January and we’re giving you Greg: drum roll Chuck: A Vegas trip, so what does it all include Greg: Hay Chuck: It includes some hay, apparently and a pail full of oats, [...]

The Two Honda Guys Play Santa

Chuck: Good morning Greg: Good evening Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good day Chuck: Welcome to Southland Honda, oh we’re supposed to stay here Greg: We’re here to surprise Jeanette Giesbrecht with a gift card and a Christmas card for winning Chuck: That was the hashtag Greg: #yoursouthlandhonda Chuck: That one Greg: Ya, she entered, she won, so we’re going to give her a gift Chuck: 7 million dollars Greg: 16 million Chuck: Oh 16, interest Greg: Canadian dollars Chuck: Oh ok really that’s a buck and a half US, ok lets go Chuck: Be very very quiet Greg: Shhh, babies are sleeping Chuck: There she is Greg: Hi Janette, we’re here to see you Greg: Good evening, good night, that’s how it works, we have a gift card for you Jeanette: Thank you Camera Guy: Nice bow tie by the way, nice bow tie Greg: She’s being very festive Chuck: Very festive, you stole [...]
Chuck: Good afternoon Greg: Good morning Chuck: And welcome to Southlandhonda.com, we’re Two Honda Guys next to the Greg: 2016 Honda Civic Touring   Click here to view our 2016 Honda Civic Inventory Chuck: And we’re doing a mini walk around, just showing you some of the features that maybe you don’t know exist on our new civic Greg: I don’t do anything mini Chuck: No you don’t, except mini donuts and I’m guessing that’s by the truck load Greg: HAHAHA Chuck: Blind spot information, when you make a right hand lane change, this little camera here activates Greg: Chuck knows lots about things that are mini Chuck: Are you still talking? Chuck: It shows you where your blind spot is. Right in your dashboard, if you can get a shot of that Merle right there on that flat screen, that will show you what’s in your blind spot. So in rush hour traffic, [...]
The Two Honda Guys introduce The Annual Spud and Puck Sale with the Winker Auto Dealers – and the Honda Lowest Price Guarantee on Winter Tires. Good afternoon, Good evening and Good morning! Welcome to southlandhonda.com –  we are Two Honda Guys between winter tires. Winter Tires… hate to be the harbinger of bad news… Did you know that the Honda Tire source has the lowest price guarantee on Winter Tires?  on what it takes. I didn’t know that (i’m just playing along) Well let me tell you… I’m sure you will! Honda has the lowest price guarantee on Winter Tires. There’s Bill! Hey Uncle Bill. He’s another Honda Guy… Lowest price guarantee – that’s pretty cool. Well yeah we already said that.. (and it’s time to start thinking about Winter Tires) … well then, there’s that… When does [...]
The Two Honda Guys Meet The Eagle Eye Printing Guy
Today The Two Honda Guys meet the Eagle Eye Printing Guy and tell you about the new Southland Honda website and where to go to find all the cool treats, tricks and specials that nobody else sees.
Two Honda Guys announce their New Car Dealership Website
Greg: (it was a double bounce…) Chuck: oh haha welcome to the new SouthlandHonda.com We’re Two Honda Guys… in front of a Honda, Between 2 Honda’s in the middle of Honda. We’re here to tell you about our new Car Dealership Website!
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